Monday, March 21, 2011

Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette Swatches and mini-Review!

Hello my little Lovies!

Alright, I've been really busy lately trying to get ready for the arrival of my 2nd child (A little girl!!!) so I haven't had much time to review new products. However, I am going to do a mini-review on the Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette and let you all know how I truly feel about this item, If your interested, keep on reading!

(Swatches available soon)

Overview: This is a 28 piece palette made up of all warm neutral colors. The individual pans are around the size of a quarter and the palette itself is about the same size in comparison to a net book. The Coastal Scents logo is both written on the front and back of the packaging as well as the palette description and the CS web address. There is a mixture of Matte, Shimmer, and Glitter finishes.

My Rating:

Packaging: 4/5 - Looks kinda tacky and feels flimsy

Versatility: 5/5- This palette is made to be useful to anyone with any skin tone and eye/hair color. It's perfect for creating the everyday look.
Quality: 5/5- Again, Coastal Scents has the quality thing pretty locked down when it comes to value and price. The shadows are not chalky and there is minimal fallout. They apply with the same depth you see in the pan and are blend able. All the things I look for in the quality of an eyeshadow, this palette has it!

Value: 5/5- This palette is a absolute steal. Your getting 28 different neutral toned eye shadows for $18.95 usd. (Can be purchased here)Not to mention each individual pan is almost the equivalent in size to mac shadows. Break that down and your only paying $.68 per pan!! That's way less than any drugstore product and the quality is much better than anything you would find in a drugstore anyway.

Overall Thoughts: I love this palette! I have used it pretty much everyday and will be buying a back-up or two just so I don't have to worry about it running out. This is by far my favorite e/s palette from CS just because it is so versatile for everyday. If you have been debating on getting this product, you should just go for it. I mean at $.68 each you'll never find a comparable product. Personally, It's my favorite palette EVER. I also find it is a good alternative for those of you who have been dying to get your hands on the Naked palette but just don't have the funds to make the purchase.

Would I re-purchase: I kind of already answered this one, but YES YES YES! This is the best deal I have found on any makeup product. The fact that I will use it almost everyday and know that I will be getting my money's worth makes me so happy and warm inside. I hate to purchase an item only to let it sit in a drawer and basically rot until it expires. That will never be an issue with this one. Total SCORE!

Recap: This product scores an overall 19/20 with only 1 pt being deducted for poor packaging. All in all, price vs quality and value is phenomenal. You just won't find a better deal.

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  1. what a great and complete review, thanks!
    I'm hopping to find a new job soon so I can get these CS palettes, I'm lacking of a good neutral palette.